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Rome - Italy

These are images from Rome the romantic city of Italy. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican and other great sites, make Rome a wonderful place to visit.

Stay in the centre of the triangle (Vatican to the  Colosseum to the St Maria D Angeli)  and all the great sites are within easy reach. The bus terminus is just up the road from the St Maria Maggiore near to St Maria D Angeli for easy access - in and out with the city.

Rome boasts the finest churches in the world and well worth a visit - the colours inside are magnificent.

The photo web has been designed using Adobe Lightroom and contains images of:-

  1. St Maria Maggiore

  2. Maria D Angeli

  3. Vatican

  4. Castel S Angelo

  5. Piazzo Navona

  6. Pantheon

  7. Trevi Fountain

  8. Colosseum

  9. Forum

  10. Teatro Di Marcello Area

  11. Spanish Steps

  12. Villa Borghese Area

  13. Giardino Zoologico

'Teatro Di Marcello Area of Rome'