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Images of Egypt, from Cairo and the Pyramids at Giza on the Nile to Denderah and to Luxor.

Visit the Valley of the Kings at Luxor, cruise to Esna, Edfu, Kamomba and Aswan. Through the heat and the haze, images of the temples, pyramids and the Nile. 

The photo web has been designed using Adobe Lightroom and contains images of :-

Aswan (Index 1-2)

Aswan - Lord Kitchener's Garden (Index 2-3)

Aswan - The Granite Quarry (Index 3)

Aswan - The Temple of Philae (Index 3-4)

Aswan Dam (Index 4-5)

Cairo (Index 5-6-7)

Cairo - The Pyramids at Giza (Index 7-8)

Denderah - The Temple of Hathor (Index 8-9-10)

Edfu - The People (Index 10-11)

Edfu - The Temple of Horus (Index 11-12)

Kamomba - The Temple of Sabek (Index 12-13)

Luxor - The Temple of Hatchepsut (Index 13)

Luxor - The Temple of Karnak (Index 13-14-15)

Luxor - The Temple of Luxor (Index 15)

Luxor - The Valley of the Kings (Index 15-16)

Luxor - The Valley of the Queens (Index 16-17)

Luxor - Memnon & Amenhotep III (Index 17)

The Nile - Aswan to Esna (Index 17-18-19)

The Nile - Edfu to Kamomba (Index 19)

The Nile - Esna to Edfu (Index 19-20)

The Nile - Ta Quena to Luxor (Index 20-21-22)

The Sphinx - Egypt