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12th June 2024

Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag!

The other day I measured all my motorbike jackets using the In&Motion Sizing Tutorial video and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was enough room in all of them (even wearing my thermals inside my Rev'It Gore-Tex Touring/Adventure jacket) to fit a Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag, with Level 2 D30 back protector and Level 1 D30 Chest Protector. I can even wear my backpack provided I allow room (10cm/4 inches) between the shoulder straps and my body. In the UK, Sportsbikeshop supply a Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag with the In&Box Control Module included in the price. You then download My In&Box App to your Smartphone and register your control module and membership rental plan. The default mode supplied with the control module is Street Mode and you can also add Track and/or Adventure for an additional monthly rental cost.

If the airbag is inflated due to a spill, you can purchase a new In&Motion Inflator Canister to easily replace the used one in the airbag. And, provided the airbag is not damaged, it can sustain 3 inflations before it has to be sent back to
In&Motion for checking before it can be used again. Full information at In&Motion Tutorials which includes My In&Box Activation video as shown below. Scroll down the In&Motion Tutorials Page to the 'How Can we Help You' question and answer section for more advice.

The Klim Ai-1 Rally variant has superior chest and back protection to the Standard
Klim Ai-1 one. I am seriously considering the purchase of a Klim Ai-1 Rally Airbag as soon as it becomes available again. Apparently it is in short supply and it is rumoured that it may be upgraded to include shoulder protection - hence the delay.  




5th June 2024

Dog Tags & Dedicated Knee Armour Protection!

Apparently motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to be involved in a road accident than car owners. When I am out and about on one of my motorbikes I always wear set of dog tags around my neck from Armydogtags. I purchased a set 10 years ago as I figured that dog tags could prove ideal in the case of an accident. I went for the 'Special Forces' type which are all black including the chain and I have my name and address on one tag and my next of kin details with phone numbers on the other.

Despite some recent videos from motorbike reviewers about their reasons for NOT wearing armoured clothing, All my motorbike jackets and trousers have armour protection pads slipped in. However, with regards to my trousers, I leave in any hip protection armour but remove the knee armour. For a guaranteed fit over my knees I use a pair of heavy duty Forcefield Grid Knee Protectors which fit over each knee like a stocking with 2 sets of Velcro draw in tags for each one. The Forcefield website seems to be under some sort of construction at the moment but Sportsbikeshop has different types on offer.

No matter how careful I ride, no matter if I stick to within the speed limits, I have lost count of the times I have had to swerve to avoid an oncoming vehicle on the wrong side of the road at a corner or someone coming out of a driveway onto the main road. Shit happens, especially when riding on diesel oil spills from trucks and buses at roundabouts, and especially when it is raining, and very often luck has a lot to do with escaping injury, even death on UK roads. Of course, there are no absolute guarantees of protection, especially during a 'high side' at speed which can throw you up and high into the air and tumble when you hit the deck. In this video, the guy got off lightly as his speed was not too excessive and the fall was not from a great height.
One of these days, I must invest in an airbag system and a matching jacket for use when I am riding my sports bikes. 




28th May 2024

Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle!

Having watched this video, there is a small fortune to be made by anyone who offers professional hydrogen conversions for combustion engine motorcycles. Of course, the hydrogen electrolysis conversion would have to be installed inside the bike rather than fitted at the rear. To all intents and purposes, the converted motorcycle would look - just like the original.

A combustion engine motorcycle which runs on hydrogen gas and all you require is a regular top-up of water - now that would be a game changer.




23rd May 2024

Honda NX500 Motorcycle - 1st Country Ramble!

After my Honda had received its 600 mile service, I decided to take it out for a country ramble up in the hills of Duns and on some proper off-road trails. The following video, finally made up my mind that at my age, off-road riding was not for me. I was very fortunate that my tyres were not damaged on those rocks and that I did not crash and damage my new bike. In any case, having searched the internet for designated off-road motorbike trails up in the hills of Duns in the Scottish Borders of Scotland, I came up short. The last thing I want is to fall foul of a farmer who resents me riding on his land.  

However, riding the bike on those narrow 'single traffic' roads on the hills, overlooking Duns and the Scottish Borders proved to be very enjoyable. This was one of the reasons for purchasing the Honda NX500 and it is working out very well.




14th May 2024

Motorbike Reviews!

YouTube is the preferred media format for motorcycle reviews and there are countless reviewers spouting their views on the latest 2024 motorcycles and even the older models. Of course, most are seeking financial rewards for their hard work in preparing a professional video review for us to watch. Having tried my hand at making a motorbike video review, I was less than satisfied with my efforts and I now fully appreciate those professional reviewers and what they must go through to produce a video.

Is there any merit in watching those reviews and the answer is a resounding yes, especially for a youngster starting out and planning to get their first bike. These videos broaden your knowledge regarding all the aspects of owning and riding a motorcycle. However, if you are VERY lucky you will come across an honest salesman who will take onboard what you want to achieve with a motorbike and point you in the right direction, even if he cannot supply the bike of choice. Of course, there is no substitute for taking a dealerships demo bike out on an extended run, perhaps for a couple of hours and road tested on all the different types of roads. A road test is not full proof but coupled with a decent video review from an honest reviewer, it will provide you with the best analysis of a bike and whether it is suitable for you.

One of the best motorbike video reviewers on YouTube is Mark Pulling but of course, if you are seeking a review on a particular motorbike, it may not be in his portfolio. However, there are humongous amounts of video reviews out there and invariably a quick search will bring up one or more, on the motorbike you are interested in. Mark's review on the new 2024 Honda NX500 Adventure Motorcycle put my video review of my NX500 to shame -




14th May 2024

The Joy of Motorbiking!

Someone who likes to tour the UK or any other country on his tourer will enjoy the feeling of freedom, where his thoughts regarding the troubles of the world and even his own life are far removed as he concentrates on his riding down the highway and taking in the pleasant views. The guy on his adventure bike on casual country road rambles and who enjoys off-road thrills has certainly put everything else at the back of his mind. Then there is the guy on his sports bike, carving up those twisty corners and he certainly has no other thoughts, due to a massive adrenalin rush and his brain being fully occupied in keeping his body alive. I guess Guy Martin sums up motorbiking best, “the reason I do it, is because if you do it wrong, it will kill you. If you think it’s too dangerous then go home and cut your lawn and leave us to it.” Of course, Guy was a TT racer but riding a motorbike on UK roads is also dangerous. There are a myriad of quotes to describe the joy of motorbiking and the one which best encapsulates the above is “your bike is discovery; your bike is freedom. It doesn’t matter where you are, when you’re on the saddle, you’re taken away.”

I have one great regret; I wish I had passed my motorbike test at 16 years old, back in the 1960s instead of waiting until 2014. I must book bed and breakfast on the Isle of Man before I get too old. The Isle of Man TT commences on the 27th May and I have a comfy seat in front of my television and some beer to watch the highlights.
In the meantime, British Superbikes, World Superbikes and MotoGP are back on the TV.




13th May 2024

Amazfit T-Rex Ultra Watch!

I purchased my first smart phone in January 2022, a Sony 5 Xperia III and a sport series Amazfit GTR 3 Pro smart fitness watch to pair with it. Its a terrific combo and as well as being a fitness watch which also monitors my heart beat, oxygen and stress levels, I can receive and answer telephone calls on it, especially when my smart phone is buried in an inside pocket of my motorcycle jacket. The watch operating system is from Zepp and they also provided an excellent fitness app for my smart phone. The watch also receives text messages, emails and notifications from my phone.

My watch still holds its charge and has never let me down. Over the years, I have collected some nice analogue watches but these days its the Amazfit
GTR 3 Pro which is permanently on my wrist, even when riding my motorbikes.

However, I am considering purchasing a more rugged watch, especially for when I am snorkelling in the Forth Estuary and the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra is top of my list. It has all the features of my existing Amazfit watch and more. It can be purchased from Amazfit or from Amazon UK. The great thing about the Amazfit watches is the sheer number of different digital faces that you can select from the watch operating system and download even more choices from the internet.



8th May 2024

DJI Osmo Action 4 Camera

I am considering purchasing a DJI Osmo Action 4 Camera for my photography when I am out and about on my motorcycles, especially on my new Honda NX500 Adventure Bike when I am country rambling. Of course, I own a professional camera but when you are out on a motorbike, it requires to be stored in my backpack and is not easily accessible, especially when I only have a few seconds to achieve the shot.

Recently I completed a video of me riding various roads on my Honda NX500 which was reasonable but my in-expensive Crosstour CT9900 Action Camera which produces excellent video and photographic images proved very noisy when I was travelling at speed on a motorcycle. Of course, I am not a motorcycle vlogger but it got me thinking, I am out and about on my bikes a lot and I often come across a wide variety of wildlife and landscapes; why not purchase a better action camera to capture the moment from my bike? I watched the video below and after checking out the DJI Osmo Action 4 Camera Specifications I was impressed. The temptation to purchase is strong and Amazon UK are selling the Osmo 4 for £289, albeit the camera requires a SanDisk 256Gb Memory Card costing £24.99 as it does not come with one.


A neat video comparison on the DJI Osmo Action 4 and the GoPro Hero 12 -




10th April 2024

Scotland's Terrible Weather - New Winter Clothing!

Over here in Scotland during March and April we are experiencing terrible weather. Storm winds, heavy rain and periods of extreme cold, especially when riding a motorbike. My Honda NX500 adventure motorcycle has proved to be an excellent choice and thanks to the weather I have been able to fully develop new clothing for this year's late Autumn and Winter periods.

fully sleeved base layer, 10 year old Rev'It Gore-Tex touring jacket and Rev'It Gore-Tex trousers with their thermal layers and heavy Richa Gore-Tex gloves kept me dry but even with my Honda NX500 motorcycle's heated grips warming my palms, the back of my hands were freezing. Worse still, after a few miles on the dual carriageway, the areas under my arms were also freezing. My new Oxford Advanced Storm Collar did a great job of keeping the rain and cold of my neck and my Alpinestars boots were fully waterproof and cold proof thanks to my thermal socks.

In an effort to combat the cold, I put on my skin tight fully sleeved base layer, and then a fully sleeved M&S Marino Wool thermal vest. To top of the two layers, I purchased an Oxford Advanced Expedition MS Midlayer which was a tight slim fit and when zipped up, it pulled the layers tight in against my body. On went the Rev'It Gore-Tex jacket and Rev'It Gore-Tex trousers with their thermal layers, my Alpinestars boots, my Oxford Advanced Storm Collar and I also purchased a pair of  Rev'It Fusion 3 Gloves which are Gore-Tex winter gloves specifically designed for wearing with heated grips.

Finally, the cold was kept at bay, and the summer weather (hopefully) will soon be here but next winter I will be out and about on my Honda NX500 wearing my new clothing to combat the worst of the Scottish weather.



27th March 2024

My New Honda NX500 Adventure Bike at 600 Miles!

My Honda NX500 adventure motorcycle has proved to be an excellent choice. During the last few weeks, it has easily handled the high winds and heavy rain in the worst of the Scottish weather. The suspension and tyres inspire confidence, even around rain soaked corners. It is now in the garage waiting for its first service appointment, which unfortunately is in early May, due to the workload of the Honda dealership.

More in my Honda NX500 Adventure Crossover Review on this website and
this is an unprofessional video review about my Honda NX500 Adventure Motorcycle. It covers my experience of riding the bike on various types of road in Scotland and a couple of emergency brake tests at 70mph and 60mph. At the very end of the video, I voice my conclusions about my bike.

The video was made using an in-expensive Crosstour CT9900 4K Action Camera and produced using an old version of Power Director Software which only renders in HD and not 4K.




27th February 2024

Becoming a Biker!

If you are young or old, becoming a biker is fairly easy and it is a gradual migration. At the very least, at 15 years and 9 months or over, you can apply for a provisional motorcycle licence or providing you have a car driving licence, you can then head off down to your local dealership who usually provide a day’s CBT course on one of their 125cc motorcycles which will give you a CBT certificate.

Sure, you may not enjoy it, you may simply walk away, but think of the challenge. And if you like the sensation of riding a motorcycle, all you have to do is purchase a 125cc motorcycle, pop on a L plate, purchase protective jacket and trousers, a helmet, gloves and boots, and you are set for the road. It is addictive and to step up, there is a ‘Government Theory Test’ on a computer and advanced riding courses available. These, depending on your age, will gradually get you into a 650cc and later an even larger 1,000cc motorcycle. I went through the entire process at 65 years of age and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

There are lots of second-hand 125cc motorcycles, because every day, other bikers are graduating to larger machines. Of course, you can purchase a brand new 125cc motorcycle and later when you sell it and step up, you will not have lost much money. The brand new Yamaha MT125 is a 125cc motorcycle (image below) that weighs in wet at a lightweight 142Kg and costs £5,102.00 in the UK.




27th January 2024

Toyota Changes the Goal Posts - Goodbye EVs!

I have written many times about 'Hydrogen Electrolysis' - that school experiment which can be industrially upscaled to produce hydrogen gas to propel electrical power plants and combustion motor vehicles. JCB have already manufactured a hydrogen gas combustion engine which is propelled by hydrogen gas produced from an upscaled electrical hydrogen electrolysis plant. Toyota have also joined the hydrogen gas combustion engine club.

However, Toyota has moved one step further and is set to kill of the future of EV (electric battery) vehicles. Imagine a vehicle filled with a tank of ordinary tap water which is electrolysis converted within the vehicle to produce hydrogen gas and drive the vehicle's hydrogen gas combustion engine -