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   Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 Ultra Software




Last Updated 29th June 2013

I purchased Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 ULTRA Software online at Cyberlink Website and downloaded it to my PC. I carefully 'backed up' the (uninstalled) download along with the registration email to an external drive - can't be to careful. I then installed the working copy on my PC which was a breeze.

The Cyberlink Website

Top Ten Reviews - "You have great taste when it comes to making videos, and you want your own projects to sizzle like those of professionals. You need the right video editing software to reach your goals, and there are many options on the market. Look no further than CyberLink PowerDirector 10. This video editing software earns the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for the great HD video, audio and photo editing features. It's easy to use, too just upload the files you want to include in your movie and start editing. And the cherry on top of this creamy treat: PowerDirector's 3D capabilities are perfect for those who want all the newest visual tricks for their videos".......Read More

The Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 Intro Video -

My first attempt at creating a Mpeg-4 'Stills Video' - to provide you with some idea about the use of PowerDirector, the VERY BASIC overview is -

  • Full Size jpegs converted from RAW files in Adobe Lightroom 3 Software

  • Load PowerDirector Software and click on the left - Full Feature Editor icon

  • Jpegs imported into PowerDirector 10 Software (Edit Mode - File/Import - Edit screen fills up)

  • Each Jpeg (mouse) dragged down into the 1st video column to form a long strip of jpegs (a video file or video files are imported and dragged down to the 1st video column the same way where they are combined and can be edited/scene trimmed)

  • All jpegs (mouse) highlighted in the strip and the common Duration time set for 7 seconds each (highlighting the strip saves time as they are all set together)

  • Title Room accessed and a jpeg imported and edited for a 'Start' file with an 'on the image' video title, saved to hard drive

  • Start file appears automatically in the Title Room screen window - drag and insert at the beginning of the jpeg strip

  • Transition Room accessed and a 'Collapse 1 style' breakup transition dragged and dropped between each jpeg on the strip (shows up as a thin green box between the jpegs which can be edited for effect)

  • Subtitle Room accessed - move the video bar pointer/line along to the start point in a jpeg on the strip and at that point hit the + sign in the software window and then in the subtitle field 1 (that appears) type in the time duration and image information (repeat for all jpeg images - the subtitle fields runs 1,2,3,4,5, etc and displays the numbers on the jpeg strip at their assigned places

  • If you are adding in music - import it into the software from file or disc - it pops up in the EDIT screen and then (mouse) drag the file down onto the audio column under the video/jpeg strip

  • Play the video of the stills to test (music, starter information, fade, titles)

  • Save the project to the hard drive

  • Go to the PRODUCE section, select Mpeg-4, browse the OUTPUT line and type in the name of the new video (Mpeg-4 would not work in the trial version - it stated that the sound card was not compatible but it worked fine in the final download ULTRA version)

  • Click on the START button at the bottom left of the screen and the video starts to render and is automatically saved to the file you made in the OUTPUT line

  • Check the video for upload to YouTube

  • Pre-prepare in a word processor -  'Description Text' for the video and a separate 'Tags Text' - makes its relatively easy then to copy and paste into those sections on YouTube

  • Upload video to YouTube - I used YouTube to upload but I understand that PowerDirector Software can also do this (with my fox video, YouTube gave me a warning that it did not recognise the video format which I had rendered in Mpeg-4 but it allowed me to continue and it managed to process the upload without any problem)

I have carried on with Mpeg-4 'Stills Video' rendering for my photographic images although I will be investigating the 'Photo Slideshow' of PowerDirector for comparison at a later stage.

One area of concern that jumps out is that my smaller number of images mpeg-4 video with sound (Sunsets) will play on YouTube at 1080p full screen without any stream pausing to my PC but the larger number of 48 images mpeg-4 video (GF1+20mm Lens) pauses from time to time in this 1080p [ ] mode - it may have something to do with the overall size of the video and play length or just my bandwidth? Time will tell but we live in the country and my bandwidth is very restricted due to the old telephone exchange so that may be the reason?

My first attempt - GF1+20mm Stills Video

Another attempt - Sunsets (run on YouTube at 1080p full screen for maximum effect)

Please visit my YouTube Channel Link - Lawrence Photographic for more videos as they appear.



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